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Personal Letter

Troquei o layout sabe-se lá até quando. =D

Vou postar minha carta pra vocês, algumas meninas pediram.
Na carta eu digo que procuro uma familia paciente... a coitada vai ter de ser mesmo pra ler tudo isso.
Gentes, só peço que não copiem até eu ficar ON. Hahahahaha

Ah... e obrigada pelos comments. Adoro! ♥

Dear Host Family,

My name is Giovana and I’m 25 years old. I live in a city called São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Brazil. Rio Preto has about 420 thousand inhabitants, it’s a countryside and isn’t a very large city but Rio Preto is the second best Brazilian city to live. The capital of the state, São Paulo, is about 279 miles from here. The weather is extremely warm. São José do Rio Preto is the center for cultural life in the Northwestern region of São Paulo state. Every July, the city holds its ever popular, annual International Festival of Theater (FIT).
I live with my mother, my grandmother and pets, a beagle named Buddy and a spoiled cat, so if you have a pet I'll love. I'm kind of nature and animal lover. My parents are divorced and my family is so supportive and amazing, they are very important to me. My dad is a police officer, very fun, loving and joker who can always make me laugh. He's super affectionate with me and we always do something together. My mom is a teacher. She is so sweet and makes me happy every day with her morning hugs, she is a little shy and she likes almost the same things that I like. She does dance classes with me and she is my confident. My family is very close, we spend holidays together. We are loud and fun when we all get together. We have great food, and a great time. They support me in whatever I do and they stand by my decisions. My grandmother talks out loud, loves to cook and she is amazing cooking, especially Italian foods but she doesn’t share her recipes. I have one brother named Guilherme, he is married and lives in another state but always come visit us.
I worked for six years at a factory as a Graphic Designer, I like to create, use my mind and my hands. After this I worked at a Kids Photo Studio and as a second job I do personalized kids party supplies.
On my free time I like dancing (I do classes of contemporary dance), going to the movies and restaurants, walking with my dog, reading, traveling, taking pictures, painting, going out with my friends and family, swimming, rollerblading, etc. I'm always experiencing new things.
I'm easygoing, bubbly, playful, very affectionate and fun loving person. My friends say I’m funny, very lovely and an awesome friend. I like to laugh and make people laugh. I'm a nice peaceful person so I always try my best to keep everyone happy. Love, respect, comprehension are things that I really appreciate.
I've been driving for 5 years, I have my own car and I drive everyday to anyway I need to go. I've never been in a car accident. I feel comfortable driving with kids; it would not be a problem.
I love kids and love being part of their lives. My passion for kids started early, since I was a teenager I liked to take care of them specially stimulate reading and creativity. I have experience in caring under 2 and also worked with children aged 7 until 11 years.
I take care of Luana and Guilherme; they are siblings, both children of a friend of mine. I take care of Luana since she was 7 years old while her mother was studying or working. From Monday to Friday I was responsible to pick her up from school at 6:00 pm and gave her a bath, and then I helped her with homework. I also do story telling time, making funny voices before sleep and she really enjoyed. Her schedule changed so I had to pick her up from school at 12:30 pm, she had lunch and then she took a nap until 2:00 pm. Luana is a shy girl but very sweet, I was always trying something new to amuse her. We played doll’s birthday party, play restaurant, paint and drawing, she is an awesome drawer. When her cousin was around we used to camp out in the living room. As now she is older, 11 years old, she just ask me to go to the movies, shopping malls, play Uno cards, board game, PJ’s Party and do “teen” things.
Guilherme is her youngest brother. He is 18 months and is a very curious and smart boy. He enjoys playing with balls, is always walking around the house and is a smiley. Chasing his sister is his passion. He loves to touch her things and get right into the middle of everything she does! I used to change his diapers, bath him, nap time, snacks and now he is at potty training. We go to outdoors like Zoos, playgrounds and I was responsible to take both to the doctor.
I also took care of Arthur two weekends per month and during his Nanny’s vacation helping him with bath and brush teeth and snacks. I used to prepare light meals, soup, vegetables, and salads. Sometimes, I was requested just to warm up the food prepared earlier by his mother. Picnics, playgrounds, story telling, colors book, abc’s, numbers and shapes are his favorite activities. He is 2 years old, fast learner, talkative and cute boy. My experience with kids is amazing. I really learn with them. I became more patient, responsible, and mature and realized how important we are in their lives. I love playing games and sometimes while I was playing with them, I felt like one of them.
I have great expectations for my Au Pair year. I'm looking for an open-minded family, with good sense of humor, calm, patient and willing to share great moments. I really hope to learn more about American culture, being part the family. I believe being an Au Pair it’s not only about looking after kids but helping the parents to educate their kids. It would be hard work, but surely rewarding to be such an important part of a child's life. To have the opportunity to study is very important for me too, because a varied curriculum is worth a lot nowadays.
Finally, I want to become an Au Pair, because being an Au Pair I can take care of kids what I Love to do! They are a lot of fun to be around; I know that this experience will be extremely important to me. I will improve my English and general knowledge, I will know a new culture, new people and make new friends. I'll grow as a person as result of this experience. I really wish that when I come back home and look behind I will have left a family which can certainly count me in any situation and feel proud of the work I accomplished. I am sure that I’ll be a great au pair and I hope to make my host family’s life less stressful, easier and happier.  I will do my best.
Well, I will say good-bye by now hoping to hear from you soon.
Best regards,

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  1. Menina..
    Se eu fosse uma host family, te contratava! auahuah

    Sério, vc passou felicidade, segurança, tipo.. perfeita. Já adorei sua família.. uahauhaahu

    Vai encher de familias atras de vc.. uhaahua


  2. Nossa ficou perfect sua cartaaaa
    Fazendo coro a Faby ai em cima ^^^
    Se eu fosse uma familia eu te contratava ;)

  3. Gi A-M-E-I a sua cartinha (cartona).
    Terá com certeza absoluta váá´rias families atrás de vc. hehehehe Cativante, eh essa a minha palavra para descrever sua cartinha.

    Beijooosss. e boa sorte então.

  4. amei sua carta
    ficou muito boa !


  5. Giii...
    Boa sorte na busca de uma HF!

    Que vc encontre uma boa familia..


  6. Oi Gi
    Poxa, ficou incrivel a sua carta, parabéns!
    Vai chover familia pra vc, tenho certeza!
    Ficou muito simpática e passou segurança pq vc fazia tudo q é tipo de atividade com as crianças, até ir no médico! Poutz
    Ia desejar boa sorte quanod vc ficar on line, mas acho q vc nem precisa! hahahaha



Seja bem-vinda ao meu mundo Au Pairiano!!!! Bjs! ♥